The Rotary Club of East Cobb broke their own record for fundraising this past year with their 14th Annual Dog Days 5K Race

The Rotary Club of East Cobb has been busy with preparations to host one of the Club's favorite annual events: the Dog Days 5K Give Back Celebration.

And this year there is quite a bit to celebrate.

Since 2005, when the Club began hosting the 5K fundraising race during the “Dog Days” of summer (hence the name), the race’s year-over-year net proceeds continues to tick upwards, as well as the number of runners, race sponsors, recipients of the race proceeds, and yes, even participation from race-appreciating dogs.

This past year was the Club’s 14th Annual Dog Days Race and the Club’s cumulative years of experience hosting the race showed in its final numbers.

“It’s our flagship fundraiser and each year the bar is set that much higher.”Says Tammy Palmgren, East Cobb’s President Elect / 2019’s Dog Days Race and Giveback Celebration Chair. “Our goal for 2019 was to net $80K. We ended up netting $82K. Although it’s always satisfying to exceed expectations, what’s exciting is the impact this will have on the receiving organizations. And the impact on our race sponsors who will get to witness firsthand at the Celebration how their contributions really matter. Seeing everyone's reactions in real time always makes the Give Back Celebration quite an emotional experience.”

Dog Days Grant Recipients were notified of their awards right after the Holidays.

“I imagine that news really lifted some spirits,” says Randy Nixon, President Elect of the Club.“It’s been documented that due to tax reform, charitable giving decreased a bit in 2018. For some of these organizations, I believe these checks are going to be right on time.”

This year’s Dog Days Giveback Celebration is taking place Tuesday February 25th at Piedmont Church at 5 p.m. It's a Club first to have celebration take place in the evening.

Traditionally, the celebration was held during the Club’s usual weekly meeting at Wednesday 7 a.m. meeting in Indian Hills Country Club.

Why the changes?

“That 7 a.m. time slot is just tough for many people,” says Tammy Palmgren.“This year, we wanted to underscore how special the award recipients and our race sponsors are to us.Since we are acknowledging them, we needed the celebration to be better suited for them.Also, because of the increase in numbers, we needed a more accommodating space.We’ve had 130 RSVPs, double our usual meeting number, so Piedmont Church has been just wonderful in allowing us to host the event there. “

Palmgren added, “Since it is the evening, there will be a sit-down dinner, special presentations, acknowledgements, and to be honest, a bit of sparkle that wouldn’t usually translate within our typical breakfast meeting.I am hopeful everyone at the celebration will come away from the evening with a feeling of being one hundred percent appreciated and acknowledged - and hopefully looking forward to creating an even better Dog Days Race this year!”

Posted by Erica Ramsey-Bowen
February 25, 2020


Posted by Phil Issenberg
Rotary Club of East Cobb
October 6, 2020 9:15am

If someone goes to East Cobb Rotary's web site, I believe we are missing an opportunity to link them to our If I new how to add this to the site, I would do it. I would need to be shown how. What I am clear about at this moment is that there are a number of places on our site it should show up. Every time we talk about Dog Days, a link should appear, with a Green Donate Button. I am sharing this with you only because your name and beautiful profile show up.



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