Water Project


To combat this type of pollution in the streams and creeks of eastern Cobb County, the Rotary Club of East Cobb has implemented the Cobb County Watershed Stewardship storm water runoff project for seven years at no financial cost to the club.

The aluminum markers display the words "NO DUMPING, DRAINS TO CREEK" as a reminder that storm drains lead directly to streams, rivers, and lakes which eventually lead to sources of drinking water. A message was published in neighborhood newsletters notifying residents when Rotary volunteers would install the markers.

We educate citizens on the differences between storm drains and sewers, and East Cobb Rotary is pleased to provide this project as a means to safer water and better health in our community. Current plans for the May 2020 water project are underway, and expectations are up for increasing participation to previous year levels of around 20 Rotarians.

ClubTypeArea of FocusRotary YearCommittee
East CobbCommunityClean water, sanitation, and hygiene2017Membership