Project Mail Call - Marietta, GA

Project Mail Call was started 12 years ago by a retired couple that attends Mt. Bethel UMC in East Cobb. Ed, a retired Navy veteran, drew upon his experience in the military and he and his wife Mary, decided to start this Non-Profit, with some help from Mt. Bethel UMC in the basement of their home. The entire basement is set up with all types of food supplies, books/magazines, games, toiletry items and hand written letters from elementary students thanking them for their service. Soldiers are always in need of these items but, just as important to them is mail or a box sent directly to them with a hand written note letting them know that others care about them and are thinking about them. It is a small way to thank all soldiers for their service. The Rotary Club of East Cobb provided Grant funding which supports our active military troops in all branches. Eleven volunteers attended a packing session to pack CARE boxes that are shipped internationally to soldiers.