Our speaker today was Leo Reichert, Executive VP and General Counsel for WellStar.  Leo is an energetic and enthusiastic champion for positive change in the way health care is delivered to those of us in the East Cobb community.  As General Counsel for WellStar Leo and his team must deal with over 50 state and federal regulatory agencies on a daily basis.  While many of the regs in place, and constantly being added, are well-intentioned, it is becoming increasingly challenging for hospitals to comply.
Even so, it is the mission of WellStar to follow the plan of transitioning from the volume of care, to the value of care delivered.  With many patients unable to pay (and many of those not qualifying under the ACA or Medicare/Medicaid) all hospital systems are under a strain.  Add to that the fact that 50% of all healthcare costs are incurred by 5% of the system's patients, and the system is even harder to keep in balance.
Despite the challenges, Leo's message is one of hope and positivity, and he remains optimistic that WellStar will continue to grow, and thrive, keeping it's focus on the core mission to deliver quality health care in an environment that is uplifting both for patients and those who work there.