Dr. David Butts is a founding member of the Rotary Club of East Cobb, and has been a mentor and inspiration for all of us for many years.  Recently, David has faced the biggest challenge of his life with a medical diagnosis that would have knocked most of us down to stay.  But David, with his characteristic dogged determination and relentlessly positive attitude, has risen to the task.  He has fought the good fight, and with the support of his amazing family, is beating the odds and winning the battles.
We at East Cobb Rotary are so inspired by David's shining example that we have decided to establish an award in his name.  The first ever Dr. David Butts Award for Achievement in Overcoming Adversity was awarded this week to its namesake Dr. David Butts.  In the future, we will present this award to other members of the East Cobb community, as the situation arises, when it is necessary to recognize one of our neighbors who has demonstrated the kind of courage and inspirational leadership embodied in the person of Dr. David Butts.  Thank you, David, for your years of Rotary leadership and the gift of your friendship.