Detective Ray Yeager of the Cobb County Police Department was our speaker this week.  It is Detective Yeager's specialty to perform criminal investigations involving computer networks to commit theft; to fight computer trespass that deletes, obstructs, alters or damages a computer or computer network; to fight invasion of privacy which uses a computer or computer network to examine employment, medical, salary, credit or other financial or personal data; to investigate computer forgery by creating, altering, or deleting data contained in any computer or computer network; and to investigate computer password disclosure.
That's a pretty tall order for a place like Cobb where there is very high concentration of individuals and businesses who rely on high tech devices to manage every aspect of the personal and professional lives.  Detective Yeager's knowledge and experience in this area is vast, but his advice to our members was surprisingly simple.  By following a few, basic rules when using these devices, and when shopping or engaging in other activities where our personal information may be vulnerable, much of the risk out there can be minimized or completely avoided.
And when it comes to avoiding fraud, Detective Yeager says that the old saying is still true:  "If it seems to good to be true, it IS too good to be true."  Much of the fraud he investigates arises when folks just ignore the warning signs and are lured in by a deal that seems to good to be true.