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Rotary was founded upon the principal that community and business leaders of different professions and occupations bring different skills, talents and perspectives to Rotary's humanitarian mission.  The different professional categories, or "classifications" as we call them in Rotary, of our members provide the symetrical shape of the Rotary Wheel. 
That's why we honor our members' particular business and professional endeavors, and we have programs designed specifically to accomplish that goal.
The Key Associate Luncheon:
Each year, we have one meeting where we ask our members to each bring a guest who is an employee, associate, or other person key to their business, for the purpose of honoring that individual.  It not only allows our members to share more with the club about their business, it also allows our members to provide recognition to a deserving employee or associate.  (It's up to the Rotarian whether he/she decides to give their employee the rest of the day off following the meeting!)
Each meeting, before our main speaker is introduced, we give our members an opportunity to donate a few dollars to tell us what's going on in their lives.  We call this the "Sunshine" portion of the program.  Many take the opportunity (at a slightly higher donation requirement) to update us on what's new with their businesses.  Also, as Rotarians often prefer to do business with fellow Rotarians, Sunshine almost always includes one Rotarian commenting on a positive experience at the business of another Rotarian.
Dog Days 5k Run
One way we have been able to provide additional opportunities for vocational recognition for our members is through our annual fundraiser, the Dog Days 5k Run.  Our members give generously to Rotary International, The Rotary Foundation, Polio Plus and other specific opportunities to help others through giving.  Additionally, many of our members' businesses get specific community recognition as sponsors of our 5k run.  As the race has grown in size and popularity, business who sponsor the event receive broad commuinty exposure, and among our top sponsors are many of our very own East Cobb Rotarians.
Service Above Self Awards
As one of our most prestigious annual events, East Cobb Rotary solutes and honors those individuals in the armed forces and our local public servants who put their lives on the line to make our home in Cobb County safe.  Every year we dedicate one of our meetings to recognizing these men and women for their outstanding service and to let them know that the work they do really does make a difference.  For more information regarding this meeting, contact us today!
Professional Mentoring
In professional classifications where we have more than one club member in a particular category -- such as dental, legal and financial -- we have a great deal of professional mentoring that occurs.  Our more experienced Rotarians share their wisdom and insights with their younger counterparts in a way that is both organic and profound.  With the many social events we promote through our Family of Rotary activities, these relationships continue to grow.
Ethics Programs
We have at least one meeting each year focused on business and professional ethics.  This year we had several.  We covered business and social etiquette, with a speaker who is one of most recognized authorities in our area on the topic.  We also had a program devoted to business development through better understanding of your customer/client needs.  Additionally, the speaker for our annual gala dinner, Charter Night, Emmy Award-winning news anchor John Pruitt will speak on ethical and moral dilemmas faced by journalists that translate to the business world.
Career Day (Brumby Elementary)
Each year all club members are invited to make a presentation at Brumby Elementary School for Career Day, and many do.  Since our Literacy School Mates project is with Brumby, on Career Day we provide an additional connection with students by opening a world of vocational possibilities for them to consider.
The 4-Way Test
At the close of each meeting, our President calls upon a member to lead the club in reciting/reading from the banner “The 4-Way Test’ of the things we think, say and do.  Every member has the opportunity to lead this verbal commitment at least once during the year since it is a weekly agenda item.