Attendance and Make-Ups

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We encourage our members to be as involved as they can be, and emphasize the importance of perfect attendance.  We understand that today's Rotarian has a complex work, family, and life schedule to balance.  Perfect attendance requires dedication and commitment. We recognize the following individuals with 100% perfect attendance. 

Jerry Capps, 44 yrs
Harry Boone,  31yrs
David Butts, 24 yrs
Phil Issenberg, 27 yrs
K. von Borries, 23 yrs
Dick Concilio, 22 yrs
Bob Schwall, 20 yrs
Sarah Dimond, 15 yrs
Steve Snipes, 13 yrs

Joe Murphey, 8 yrs
Jeanie Blanc, 7yrs
Blaine Hess, 7yrs
Brenda Beshara, 6yrs
Brad Groff, 6yrs
Randy Nixon, 6yrs
Joe Brywczynski, 4yr
Bob Cooke, 4yr
Fred Hanna, 4 yr
Robert Leydon, 4yr
Jonathan Lyons, 4yr

Cheria O'Neal, 4 yr